12 Metre Outdoor Trampoline Sprinkler

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  • Good Quality: Made of high quality and environmentally friendly PVC material, our 12 metre trampoline sprinkler is thicker than other ordinary sprinklers to withstand a higher water pressure. 
  • No Leaks: No annoying water leakage at the connector! Our water sprinkler includes a joint that helps to control the water flow. Easily adjust the water valve to control the intensity of the water spray.
  • Easy to Install: The outdoor trampoline sprinkler includes 2 sizes of cable ties (15x20cm and 15x30cm) to suit any trampoline shell size. Easy to install and do not over tighten the cable ties as that can restrict water flow.
  • Multi Functional: Not only can the trampoline water sprinkler be installed on trampolines for kids (or adults!) to have fun, but also it can be used for outdoor cooling or garden irrigation. Use for the lawn, flowers, growing vegetables or just to cool down.
  • Whatever you use it for, it is perfect for cooling on the hot summer days.
  • Create Summer Fun: Want to create a water playground for the kids on hot days? Try a trampoline water sprinkler! Enjoy the children having fun for hours in the garden cooling down in the warm summer days - don't splash Mum or Dad!!!
  • Warning: Slip Hazard - please be careful & vigilant as water creates slippery surfaces.
  • SAFETY: All toys are covered by CE & General Product Safety Regulations. We cater to a variety of ages and we leave it to customers to assess whether a child is old enough for a particular item.