Gender Reveal 20cm Confetti Cannon Pink & White

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  • 20cm Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon with Pink and White Confetti Content.
  • Please ensure you remove the shrink wrap around the cannon before you twist and use.
  • The gender reveal pink and white confetti will shoot up and spread approx 3-5m (about 10-15ft) in the air once twisted. It's a great baby reveal idea for gender reveal parties.
  • Each gender reveal pink confetti cannon comes with pink coloured stickers on the base to indicate the colour confetti inside is pink and white. Please make sure stickers are removed before the gender reveal party, so nobody ruins the big surprise.
  • Just aim up to the sky and twist the bottom and middle of the cannons. The cannons are driven by compressed air, no fireworks, no gunpowder. Confetti can be degraded naturally outdoors and easy to be cleaned by a vacuum cleaner indoors. 
  • Pink and White Confetti is 100% Environmentally Friendly and Biodegradable.
  • Share and relive the magical memories of the gender reveal party with friends and family by taking photos and videos of the cannon being used and then using the confetti falling as a wonderful backdrop.